Alicia T. Crosby


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As a polymath in the truest sense, I have the ability to write, speak, facilitate, and consult on a number of topics related to identity, intersectional equity, and inclusivity. My aim is to produce work that inspires individuals, communities, and institutions alike to have genuine moments of encounter where they can engage information that helps them more fully connect with themselves and others. My hope is that this motivates them to activate around social and systemic change, creating more equitable spaces and places in the world.

Take a look at the services below and consider contacting me to partner with you in your context.


As a facilitator, I have nearly 15 years of experience working in various settings. Whether leading an intimate dialogue with a small group setting or a workshop for hundreds of people, I posses a unique ability to help my participants feel seen, heard, and cared for in even the most challenging situations.

I have facilitated conversations, meetings, and workshops all across the United States in community, non-profit, academic, religious, and conference contexts. My rates for facilitation services are sliding scale and are based on a prospective partner’s budget, vision, and organizational capacity.

From the  Locating Your Role In The Story of Our Collective Liberation  workshop (EEWC-CFT Conference, 2018)

From the Locating Your Role In The Story of Our Collective Liberation workshop (EEWC-CFT Conference, 2018)

Photo Credit:  NC State University

Photo Credit: NC State University



Rates starting at $150/Hour

It is my sincere joy to offer consultative services to perspective partners. Consulting allows my passions for identity, intersectional equity, inclusivity, and strategic development to converge and produce tools and resources for individual and organizational growth. I offer a wide range of services that include program development, strategic planning, event curation, digital organizing, asset mapping, survey development, and relational advising cultivation. My sincere belief is that you already have the wisdom, knowledge, and raw materials for personal and professional growth and social change— my job as a consultant is to help you identify, interrogate, and negotiate these things so that you can be honest about who you were and who you are in order for you to sustainably live into the vision of who you desire to be.


While I have been penning things for most of my life, I began writing consistently in 2013. My blog is currently hosted by Patheos and features things like personal musings, poetry, spiritual writings, and social commentary. If you desire to contract me for writing services, review of this platform can give you a sense of my style as well as my evolution as a writer.

In addition to offering services as an essayist, I am also available to lend support as a copywriter and editor. My writing credits include work featured by the Human Rights Campaign, Loyola University Chicago, The Religious Institute, People Magazine, the Forum for Theological Exploration, Evangelicals for Social Action, and the Windy City Times.

Photo Credit:

Photo Credit:

Photo Credit:  Forum for Theological Exploration

Photo Credit: Forum for Theological Exploration



Whether offering words on a panel, interview, or in a keynote, I work hard to be a responsive, engaging, and charismatic speaker. It has been my honor to accept invitations to speak on a multitude of topics like social justice praxis in social work, community engagement, dismantling patriarchy in religious settings, and educational access and equity throughout the United States.

I am comfortable speaking in a variety of styles and formats including but not limited to offering keynotes, paneling, guest lecturing, podcasting, engaging in interviews, teaching in religious settings*, and performing spoken word.

My speaking credits and interviews include work with Skidmore College, Equality Illinois, Time Magazine, Red Letter Christians, the New York Urban League, the Queerology podcast, and the New Leaders Council.

*Please note that my explicitly religious work is rooted in Christian liberation theology, centers the perspective of those experiencing marginalization, and considers issues related to race, class, gender, sexuality, and patterns of religious violence, trauma, and supremacy.